Add beauty to your outdoor space.


TrimBoard can design and manufacture both free-standing and attached trellises for outdoor living spaces, custom planting areas, and privacy.

Our PVC trellises are manufactured in ¾” PVC with a typical spacing of 1”-5” and are customizable to suit your aesthetic needs. We can design the perfect solutions for outdoor challenges with architectural details that add beauty to your outdoor space.

In addition, we create sturdy, framed trellis options to be used as privacy screens that can provide low-maintenance options for homes where the wind is a factor, with durability that other options do not have.

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Happy Clients

TrimBoard keeps improving designs and production capacity to accommodate the changing demands of the market.  We love working with a top shelf millworks facility and look forward to many more years of collaborating on innovative projects.”

Johan Rostad
Cariluxe LLC

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