Add a polished look to your exteriors, decks, porches, and columns.

Column Wraps & Pilasters

Our custom column wraps come 3-sided with a mitred edge, and are manufactured in custom ½’ or ¾” PVC for a polished look for decks, porches, and decorative columns for commercial and residential.

Low-maintenance PVC is low-maintenance, resistant to rot, and creates a finished look for your project.

They show no seams, are easy to install, and can be created with any crown or base trim to match the architectural style of your project.

We have also manufactured custom pilasters for many residential exteriors and for large commercial exteriors, with custom finishing from fluted finishes to historically matched details.
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Happy Clients

“The finished product you delivered was of a quality level that cannot be replicated in the environment out in the field. Further, by taking the labor associated with the pre-fabrication and moving it into a controlled environment in your shop, we were able to recognize some not insignificant cost savings.”

Matthew H. Cole, President, Cape Associates

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