We run custom moulding profiles for any interior or exterior trim need.

Beaded T&G

Profile Numbering System

1st number indicates the profile type
1 = Casings, Sills, Water Tables & Miscellaneous
3 = Bands
4 = Crowns
Last 3 numbers provide an approximate size, i.e. 500 = 5.00”, 375 = 3.75”
So profile TBP4475 is a 4-3/4” Crown

Profile Modifications

  • Most of our profiles can be modified
  • Many can be made to different dimensions
  • New profiles can be made with existing tooling by using a portion of a knife
  • Multiple knives can be combined to create different profiles
  • Crown angles can be adjusted to provide different wall or ceiling coverages
Beaded T&G 3/4” x 3/4″



Happy Clients

“The service we received was fantastic and it enabled us to secure the job.  Thank you for your super service, and amazing attention to detail.”

John A. from Falmouth Lumber

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