TrimBoard and StruXure

operational pergolas for rain or shine

TrimBoard has partnered with StruXure, the leader in commercial smart pergolas with operable louvres that are adjustable for wind, sun protection and rain protection.  

TrimBoard has been manufacturing beautiful pergolas to add decorative flair and sun protection across New England and the Caribbean for years. 

TrimBoard is proud to be a StruXure dealer – and be able to offer more operational functionality for customers who need to extend the usability of their outdoor space. We offer both the fully customizable Pergola X and the smaller, fully functional Cabana X. Both let you adjust the louvres easily by remote control.

StruXure PergolaX has operable louvers and an internal gutter system. It easily adjusts by remote control to handle all sun, wind and water conditions to protect guests at home – or at your business from rain and extend the indoor living space outdoors. 

Cabana X is a smaller unit which is easy to install and shares the same functionality. 

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Fully-custom, Pergola X by StruXure can create the dream outdoor space. With operational pivoting louvres, lighting, fans, and heating – TrimBoard can work with you to customize your Pergola X. TrimBoard is uniquely positioned as a seasoned professional millwork shop to customize the StruXure Pergola X system to match the architectural style of each property – from modern to traditional.

Ease of Installation

Cabana X – Enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected from the elements. Create your own 10′ x 10′ oasis completely customizable with lighting, electronic panels for televisions or electronics, as well as remote-controlled protection.

CabanaX operational pergola
Happy Clients

“The service we received was fantastic and it enabled us to secure the job.  Thank you for your super service, and amazing attention to detail.”

John A. from Falmouth Lumber

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